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Digital Strategy

At Blockhead Design we offer business and marketing strategy services to position your company on the map and dominate the market.

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Web Design

Web Design

Our web design and development services are like no other. We're leading experts in the web design market and will build a website you can be proud of.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

We use the power of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to drive highly target traffic to your website, which then convert into lead and sales.

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A Home Staging Website in Houston

We have been consulting on the design for a company in Houston called Home Staging For Houston.

Here’s a quick video that we helped them film.

The challenge with this website was trying to stand out in a severely crowded market. We took a radically different approach here and almost completely ignored the design of their main company website because it was already up to industry standards.

The question then became: How do we provide value to this particular client, apart from their web-design needs?

A Web2.0 Campaign for Home Stagers

The answer to that question was to design some satellite websites for this home staging company. Here is a list of our favorite Web2.0 sites to spruce up a client’s online footprint:

The “take-away” is that web-design doesn’t always mean simply working on a client’s main company page. At Blockhead, we consider ourselves “online footprint” designers and not just web designers.


3 features of great law firm sites


There are some important website features that make lawyer websites stand out from the crowd. These features lead to higher engagement and conversion. The following important features will increase the traffic of lawyer sites.

#1 Responsive web design


More people are now using smartphones and tablets for accessing Internet. For many websites, 50% of the traffic comes from mobile users.

A responsive web design makes sure that the mobile users can view all the content of the website properly, get full view of the images and navigate easily using their mobile devices.

With responsive web design sites can scale to various resolutions on different screens. Responsive web design is also very good for SEO.

#2 Blog for content creation


Content marketing is a very effective marketing tool for lawyers. Check out this personal injury attorney blog. Attorneys can do good content marketing as they are good writers. The information they write on their website will tell people what they know about the latest legislation or any other information update in the law sector.

Creating a blog is the best way to do content marketing for a lawyer’s website. Useful posts

The information they write on their website will tell people what they know about the latest legislation or any other information update in the law sector. Creating a blog is the best way to do content marketing for a lawyer’s website. Useful posts helps in ranking the site higher in search engines.

#3 Social media on the lawyer’s profiles


More and more lawyers are now using social media on their sites. Some lawyers also have their own social media channels and LinkedIn profile.

This way they share information and connects with the clients. It is a good idea to give social media links to the profile page of lawyers.

Including these features into a lawyers’s website will attract more traffic. The page rank will increase and so the lawyer will get more clients.

[article update March 2016] One thing we failed to mention is video marketing. See his lawyer video for an example.

Real Talk from a Chicago White Collar Crime Lawyer

Best White Collar Crime Lawyer In Chicago, call Nishay Sanan at (312) 386-7091 if you need to Find White Collar Crime Lawyer In Chicago to defend your case. When you are being investigated for a white collar crime, the stakes are very high. Not only can a conviction result in criminal penalties, even the investigation can destroy professional reputations. People are understandably very nervous when they contact a lawyer. They want to hear the best news: that they have nothing to worry about.

The best service a lawyer can offer in white collar criminal cases, however, is to take their cases seriously, talk to them candidly and give them an honest evaluation of where they stand. Chicago white collar crime attorney Nishay K. Sanan knows how important it is to talk openly with clients about what they are facing so they can have essential input into their criminal defense strategy.



Top 5 reasons for Plastic Surgeons to have a professional website

Plastic surgeons need online marketing for attracting new patients. With so many aesthetic clinics around, it is important for plastic surgeons to maintain a good website. A professional website is necessary for plastic surgeons.

#1 Patients look online for treatment information

Research shows that 8 out of 10 people search on Google to find information on plastic surgeons. So your website must be visible higher in the search engine rank. If your website can be on the first page of the search results, then there is high chance that patients will click on your site. Therefore, you need to invest in SEO of your site. For this you need professional service.

#2 Plastic surgery business is review-driven

People rely on online reviews to select products or services online. So, your online reputation as a plastic surgeon is important. A blog may be created with different articles related to plastic surgery. You can include different product and service reviews in the blog and link it to your website. All these, writing content, SEO and link building requires professional help.

#3 Need to provide detailed information to patients

Plastic surgeons must provide all the information a patient may be looking for on their website. Getting a plastic surgery is a complex decision and people prefer studying the pros and cons of plastic surgery before making their decision. Using internet marketing techniques you can provide detailed information for patients online. You can include photos, videos, blog posts, and even eBooks a part of your online marketing strategy. These require the help of experts.

#4 Online marketing is important for branding

You must use online marketing tools to build patients’ trust. In your website you must say that you have a good reputation in the market. The fact that you accept a patient’s healthcare plan is important. Your site should be recommended by other physicians and you should mention that you use the latest technology in plastic surgery treatments. You should include information about payment options. Client testimonial is a great way to build trust with the brand. There must be a professional logo of your website.

#5 Online marketing reaches high-converting mobile patients

Online marketing makes you reach the mobile audiences. Your website, therefore, must be responsive so that mobile users can view your site from their devices.

Plastic surgeons can drive traffic to their website using digital marketing. So, you need to hire a professional for designing and properly marketing your website.


Top 4 website design ideas for Real Estate Agents

For real estate agents, it is very important to make a first good impression in front of its potential clients. So, the designs of their websites must be unique. Here are some beautiful websites of real estate agents that are very inspirational.

Scot Karp, Premier Estate Properties

The design of this website for is simply flawless. It has all the information a customer might have and all the features of a great website. There are social sharing buttons at the top of each page. There is a page which talks about the value proposition of Karp. The site consists of beautiful photographs of the neighborhood where Karp lived.


Houlihan Lawrence

The layout of the website is very clear and elegant. There is a scrolling slideshow just below the navigation bar which lets visitors scroll through wonderful photos of properties. There is a ‘featured community’ section on the web.


Ginger Martin and Co.

This is a great website for looking at properties and searching for one. The website contains many important information like the buying and selling value of the firm. There is a blog linked to the website. The content on the blog gets updated regularly. Any important news or updates are first available on the blog, and you can also find Houston medical center condos there.


Slifer Smith and Frampton Real Estate

The homepage of this website is very concise. The site has all the essential search tools. There are beautiful photos of the Vail Valley, Colorado. Visitors can access important information which will make their buying and selling experience better. The website contains analysis of the real estate market, information on moving services, video of real estates, etc. There is a map on the website where the location of the firm is indicated.


As you have noticed that each of these websites are unique in their own ways. You can adopt some of these features into your real estate website. One agent who has followed our advice is Manley Realty – Pearland Homes for Sale.